Jewellery Quarter


For over 200 years Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter has been the home of some of the worlds most highly skilled goldsmiths and jewellery makers. Development in the quarter was rapid in the 18th Century where houses were built for manufactures. The expansion of the trade continued as craftsmen installed workbenches in their houses. The different skills and expertise made people in the area reliant upon each other and the Jewellery Quarter was established. The famous industrialist, Matthew Boulton made a successful mission to establish Birmingham’s own Assay office.

In the early 20th Century the Jewellery trade employed 30,000 people , it was quite a closed community and it wasn’t until the later part of the century that the shops began to open to the general

public. The Jewellery Quarter is now a tourist attraction in its own right, with many traditional jewellery workshops. The area is still steeped in history with many historical landmarks and buildings.

Haz UK have created a collection of wedding bands and diamond rings all following on from this tradition from refining the gold, casting or CNC cutting of the pieces theough to the final polishing is all done here in this historic Jewellery Quarter.